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HEXXX Signs to Chapter 17 Records

The NUKE has dropped! It's confirmed, Chapter 17 Record's first Signee is HEXXX!

On Friday March 4, 2022, at 12PM on the dot, Chapter 17 Records & Insane Clown Posse announced HEXXX as the new addition to the Psychopathic family and very first signee on Psychopathic's very own sub-label Chapter 17 Records.

The news hit all social media platforms and the response has been huge! Three days later and it's all still rolling in! With Chapter 17 Records reputation as the hottest label in the Underground, announcing the team up with HEXXX, who has put in work for many years, had fans tidal wave in with positivity! and new fans raving their praises all over every social media platform. The anticipation for his new album is also a very hot topic - "Demon Season" dropping on May 6, 2022.

Insane Clown Posse's Post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter read:

Psychopathic’s own Chapter 17 has announced the newest edition to the family! Two new albums coming!!! Ouija Macc’s FALLEN ANGELIC 4/1 & Hexxx’s DEMON SEASON 5/6 are both available for Pre-Order now!!! Follow @Chapter17Rec for more info! @fuccouija @hexxx760

Message from the West Coast Wicked Shit Team: The team would like to congratulate HEXXX on this major accomplishment! To see his growth over the years has been something super unique and once in a generation type of history to witness! Hexxx's dedication to his passion for music is inspiration in its own, and the news about his huge level UP is well deserved! There is no doubt in our minds that HEXXX's name and music will be worldwide, it's a matter of time. Congratulations HEXXX!

Merch Bundles and Physical CD's are available for Pre-Order at:

Support HEXXX and go grab some new gear and Pre-Order the album that will in fact break the Underground - May 6, 2022.

WEST COAST WICKED SHIT is head quartered in Los Angeles, CA

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